Home Bike Maintenance Courses

We offer a 1 day home mechanics course that will give you a comprehensive set of skills for servicing, fixing and upgrading all the bikes in your family.

You bring your own bike (or a family) bike  and you will work on it through the course, giving the bike service by the end.

1 – Fundamentals and Trail Repairs

    • Checking your bike using an M check and determining what needs attention
    • What tools you need for your home workshop and out on the trails
    • How to adjust your gears and eliminate indexing issues
    • Checking and replacing brake blocks
    • Checking and replacing tyres and fixing punctures
    • Looking after and replacing your chain
    • Tubeless tyres – setup and maintenance

2 – Drivetrain

    • Replacing cables
    • Cassettes
    • Freehubs
    • Derailleurs
    • Bottom brackets
    • Cranks, chainrings and pedals

The cost of this 1 day course is £120 


There is also a follow on course available that covers brakes (all kinds) and bearings.

Expansion course

Brakes and Bearings

    • Hydraulic brakes
    • Mechanical disc brakes
    • Rim brakes
    • Headsets
    • Hub bearings
    • Frame bearings

The expansion course takes half a day and costs £60