MTB Wellness Routes

Mountain Biking is great for mental health as well as physical health, so we create a series of MTB Wellness Rides. These are scenic rides that start nice and gentle and build up steadily in both technical and fitness challenge.  They start at the Three Trees cafe on the A4 at the edge of Chiseldon, which as a free public car park next to it (as well as the cafe car park) and is of course a lovely place to refuel after your ride.

The routes are available as GPX files or Garmin courses.

DistanceClimbingGPX LinkGarmin Link
Route 1 - Starter Loop12.4km82mRoute 1 gpx fileRoute 1 Garmin
Route 2 - Barbury16.3km167mRoute 2 gpxRoute 2 Garmin
Route 3 - Hillclimb15km162mRoute 3 GPXRoute 3 Garmin
Route 4 - Barbury and more21.4km282mRoute 4 GPXRoute 4 Garmin
Route 5 - Two Castles24.3km321mRoute 5 GPXRoute 5 Garmin
Route 6 - Low level route16.8km120mRoute 6 GPXRoute 6 Garmin
Route 7 - Rockley loop27km347mRoute 7 GPXRoute 7 Garmin